COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine

Current information about coronavirus and quarantine

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Situation in Ukraine

laboratory confirmed cases of the disease
4 809 624
recovered from the coronavirus
4 058 020
deaths of people infected with coronavirus
105 505
total of tests
19 521 252
new cases per day
25 789
hospitalizations per day
2 818
deaths of people per day

Information as of February 24                                                                             


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Restrictions that have been imposed to localize the spread of COVID-19?

  • Airports
    • Air traffic in Ukraine has been renewed.
  • Public transport
    • All passengers are to wear masks. The number of passengers in the transport vehicle is to be equal to the number of sitting places.
  • Metro
    • All passengers are to wear masks. Passengers are required to keep distance in subway cars, on escalators and on platforms while waiting for the train.
  • Intercity transport
    • Connection is restored. In the regions with high infection rate it is allowed to transport up to 10 people at a time.
  • Stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks
    • Operation is restored. Visitors are to wear masks at all times on the premises.
  • Cafes 
    • Only the outdoor terraces are allowed to be opened. The decision on the opening and closing of cafes adopts by local authorities. That is why rules of visiting vary from region to region.
  • Sport clubs
    • For sports clubs: the number of visitors should not exceed 1 person per 10 sq m in individual workout, and 5 sq m per person during team workouts (but up to 10 people in a group).
  • Events
    • The government allowed excursions for groups up to 50 people, as well as indoor religious events, provided 1 person per 5 sq m and visitors maintained a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Medical institutions
    • It is allowed to provide medical care: during childbirth, patients with cancer, palliative care in hospital, other urgent measures of hospitalization and scheduled operations, if in a result of their rescheduling there is a significant risk to life.
  • Educational institutions
    • The 2021/2022 academic year for schoolchildren and students continues in a remote format. The External Independent Evaluation will take place from June 25 to July 17. International students who come to take the exams are exempt from passing observation or self-isolation.

Can foreigners visit the territory of Ukraine? 

There is no ban on entry to Ukraine for foreign citizens and stateless persons. Regular international passenger service has been renewed. Citizens of other countries need to have an insurance policy that covers the cost of treatment COVID-19. 


How does the disease spread?

Now it is known that COVID-19 has airborne and contact transmission routes

Transmission route

SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted through exposure to infectious respiratory fluids which are released during exhalation. This includes quiet breathing, speaking, singing, exercise, coughing, sneezing, and the more vigorous the respiratory activity the more particles are released in the form of droplets. For practical purposes, the droplets can be divided into two categories: large droplets that settle out of the air within seconds, and very small droplets (from now referred to as aerosols) that can remain airborne for minutes to hours.

The virus does not circulate in the air, but is transmitted from person to person

The virus cannot travel a long distance. It exists only in the droplets which a person exhales while coughing and sneezing. Distance guarantees protection. It is the factor breaking an epidemic chain. Thus, if you are at a distance of more than 2 meters it is impossible to get infected even from a person who is sick.

Can a person get infected from animals?

At the moment there is no official proof that pets, such as dogs and cats, can transmit the novel coronavirus. So, after you contact pets, it is recommended to wash your hands with soap. This will protect you from spreading the bacteria from pets.

Is the virus transmitted through fruit?

Fruit is the environment that cannot provide lasting survival of the virus. There are no data on transmitting the virus through fruit. We remind that it is necessary to wash fruit thoroughly, but that is a standard recommendation.

How long does the virus survive on surfaces? What can kill the virus?

The virus can survive on surfaces from 3 hours to several days. The term depends on a set of conditions. For example, the type of surface, temperature and humidity of the environment. That is why it is necessary to disinfect surfaces, handles, equipment, etc.

Is it true that the virus is transmitted only to old people?

People of any age can be infected, so everyone should follow the virus protection measures. Elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are at increased risk.

At the initial stage of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus has the same symptoms as other acute respiratory viral infections.

This can be detected only by special tests.

Information regarding the diagnostic test system for COVID-19

  • What should you do if the doctors of the local hospital are not aware of testing for COVOD-19?
    • Diagnostic testing will only be carried out in cases that meet the epidemiological and clinical definition of the disease outlined in the WHO guidelines. The testing will be conducted by the Virology Reference Laboratory of the Public Health Center of Ukraine. It is impossible to buy a diagnostic test kit for independent use.
  • What kind of test system has Ukraine bought?
    • Ukraine has purchased German and Chinese test systems for detecting COVID-19. The reagents in the test systems make it possible to carry out laboratory diagnostics of the new coronavirus at the current level.
  • How long does the test for the novel coronavirus take?
    • It takes approximately 5-6 hours to get the result.
  • Does Ukraine have a test system for detecting a new coronavirus?
    • Ukraine has received a 521 test system to detect a new coronavirus. That's enough for 50,000 studies.
  • Is there a test system to detect the novel coronavirus in the regions?
    • The test systems purchased by Ukraine and the rapid COVID-19 detection tests were sent to all regions of the country.

      In particular, test systems have already been delivered or will be delivered to Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Rivne, Lviv, Chernivtsi in the next few days. The order for the purchase of test systems from other regions is in progress. All tests are WHO certified.

How to get protected from virus infection?

  • Strengthen your immune system and watch out your physical condition
    • Good food, sound sleep, exercise and fluid balance will help you stay healthy.
  • Consult with your family doctor in time
    • Once you have noticed first symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, consult with your family doctor.
  • Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds
    • or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% -80% alcohol
  • Avoid contacts with people who have acute respiratory viral infection related symptoms
    • or cold related symptoms.
  • Avoid touching your face
    • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands.
  • Eat thermally processed food
    • Do not eat raw meat, meat by-products and eggs.

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  • FAQ

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  • Information for those who are abroad and wish to return to Ukraine

    If you are abroad and need help from the Ukrainian state, contact the embassy of Ukraine in the country where you are staying.


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Reliable sources of information

Authorized bodies regularly communicate with mass media. Truthful information about the novel coronavirus related illness is available on official sites.

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